The Wipers & Greg Sage Discography – (Page 1 of 5)

Beauregarde (Self titled) LP
Released in 1971

First released recording Greg Sage played on.
Pro wrestler Beauregarde heard him play
and insisted he perform on his album.

Beauregarde was the 1st wrestler to release
a full length rock album.

This album has a real bluesy feel and tone.
Featuring pre-Wipers Greg Sage on Guitar
and Dave Koupal on Bass

the wipers

Better Off Dead [45 RPM](original sleeve)
Recorded in 1979

Better Off Dead
Up In Flames
Does It Hurt

This was the first release by
the Wipers on their label
TRAP / now on Zenorecords

the wipers

Wipers(Is This Real?)
1st full length LP
Recorded 1979

Return Of The Rat
Potential Suicide
Don’t Know What I Am
Up Front
Window Shop For Love
Let’s Go Away
Wait A Minute
Is This Real?
Image Of Man

the wipers

Wipers – Alien Boy [45 RPM – EP]Recorded 1979-1980

Alien Boy
Image Of Man
Telepathic Love
Voices In The Rain

the wipers

Wipers (Youth Of America)
Recorded in 1981

Taking Too Long
When It’s Over
Can This Be
No Fair
Pushing The Extreme
Youth Of America