The Wipers & Greg Sage Discography – (Page 2 of 5)

the wipers

Romeo / No Solution [45 RPM]Recorded in 1981

Recorded during the sessions
for “Youth of America”.

the wipers

Wipers (Over The Edge)
Recorded 1985

Over The Edge
Now Is The Time
Doom Town
What Is
So Young
No One Wants A Alien
The Lonely One
No Generation Gap
This Time

the wipers

Wipers Live
Recorded on tour in 1984

Pushing The Extreme
Moon Rider
Doom Town
Think About It
Potential Suicide
Now Is The Time
Tell Me
Window Shop For Love
Youth Of America

Greg Sage (Straight Ahead)
Recorded 1985


Straight Ahead
Soul’s Tongue
Blue Cowboy
Your Empathy
The Illusion Fades
Seems So Clear
On The Run
Astro Cloud
Lost In Space
Let It Go
World Without Fear
Keep On Keepin’ On

the wipers

Wipers (Land Of The Lost)
Recorded 1986

Just A Dream Away
Way Of Love
Let Me Know
Fair Weather Friends
Land Of The Lost
Nothing Left To Lose
The Search
Different Ways
Just Say