Wipers Box Set CD
The Wipers 3 Disc Box Set

The Wipers 8 panel 3 Disc Eco-Wallet Box Set Wipers Eco-Wallet Box Set

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Wipers Youth Of America CD and Vinyl
Wipers “Youth Of America” (CDR)
Wipers “Youth Of America” (CDR) Recorded in 1981 Taking Too Long When It’s Over Can This Be No Fair Pushing The Extreme YOA
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Wipers Power In One CD and Vinyl
Wipers “Power In One” (CD)
Wipers “Power In One” (CD) Recorded 1998 The Fall Power In One Shaken Misleading Rocket I’ll Be Around Still Inside Of Me Ship Of Dreams Rest Of My Life Losers Revenge Take It Now Stay Around What’s Wrong? Too Many Strangers
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Wipers Silver Sail CD and Vinyl
Wipers “Silver Sail” (CDR)
Wipers “Silver Sail” (CDR) Recorded 1996 Y I Came Back To The Basics Warning Mars Prisoner Standing There Sign Of The Times Line On A Roll Never Win Silver Sail
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Wipers The Herd CD
Wipers “The Herd” (CDR)
Wipers “The Herd” (CDR) Recorded 1996 Psychic Vampire No Place Safe Last Chance Wind The Clock Slowly The Herd Stormy Green Light Legion Sinking As A Stone Sunrise Defiant Resist Insane
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Beauregarde Testify CD and Vinyl
Beauregarde (CD)
Beauregarde (Testify) Pro Wrestler Extraordinaire! 1st wrestler to release a full length rock album.
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History of Portland Punk CD
History of Portland Punk (CDR)
History of Portland Punk (CDR) Recorded 10-29-1979 A live show with many of Portlands punk bands Lotek Wipers Smegma Rubbers Neoboys Cleavers Stiphnoyds Bop Zombies Sado-Nation Napalm Beach
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Wipers Best Of CD
Wipers “Best Of” (CDR)
Wipers “Best Of” (CDR) Released 1991 Nothing Left To Lose Way Of Love Some Place Else The Chill Remains Soul’s Tongue Blue Cowboy Taking Too Long The Circle Romeo Messenger Better Off Dead No Solution My Vengeance
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