Postage increase for 2016
*International customers please read*

The US Postal Service raised their prices as of January 17th 2016.

The main change affects First Class International rates.
USPS use to have a fair rate scale of about $2.50 for every 2 ounces of weight.
They now have changed rates to a “less fair” block rate.
Europe’s new rates (Canada is less)
1 to 8 ounce block rate is about $13.00
9 to 32 ounce block rate is about $23.00
and so on.
This means you could pay $9.00 (post cost) more for a “XL size Shirt” than a “Large size Shirt”.

The only thing we can suggest would be to order more items to take full advantage of the block rate.
(2 vinyl LP’s cost the same to ship as 1 LP).
(1 XL size Shirt costs the same to ship as a XL Shirt and a Vinyl LP).
We really don’t like this, but there is nothing we can do about it.
Thank you always for your continued support.

All Orders outside the USA have a weight limit of 4 lbs (1.8 kg).
Please use the “Calculate Shipping” (at the bottom of the Cart page)
You only need your country selected then click “Update Totals”
to see if your within the weight limit.