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Vacuum Tube Equipment By Greg Sage

vacuum tube equipment by greg sage

Vacuum Tube Mic Preamp

This dual channel tube mic preamp design is my most used.
I have built many of these for our studio to record
drums, guitars and bass.
It is for dynamic mic’s only (no phantom power).
Each channel uses a single variable low gain stage, that is perfect
for close miking, and even for acoustic instruments.
This design has un-balanced line outputs to go directly into the
line inputs of mixing boards.
This allows for a very fast, transparent and open sound.
The design has 2 separate highly regulated power supplies,
with soft-start tube heater circuits.

vacuum tube equipment by greg sage

Vacuum Tube Distortion Box

This doesn’t look like much, but back in the day this
was the only stomp box chassis I could find large enough
to put a high voltage power supply in it to power a tube.
This design uses a single tube with a distortion circuit.
It has a variable distortion control, tone controls and
a output volume control, along with a bright switch,
and a stomp bypass switch.

vacuum tube equipment by greg sage

Vacuum Tube Guitar Preamp

I made this preamp for when we toured overseas.
We were always given newer Marshall amps that were
made for Metal bands that lacked the low end that
vintage Marshall’s had.
This 2 channel preamp was designed to plug into the amp’s
power tube section.
It has many switchable tone control curves.
The preamp was also used on many of the Wipers LP’s
for clean guitar tracks direct into a mixing board.
Designed with 3 tubes, the 2nd channel was for an Echoplex.

vacuum tube equipment by greg sage

1966 Ampeg B-12

Very road beaten, but my most favorite amp.
I have made many modifications to this over the years,
but I have kept the heart of it in it’s original design.
The sound of this amp is so rich and beefy, no 12ax7’s,
It uses hard to find high current tubes that have punch.
It was originally a single 12 inch speaker with a horn.
I made a new face board and made it a 2-12 speaker cabinet.
The 2-12’s would not fit horizontally due to the cabinet size.

Eseco Limpander LE350B
Tube Limiter Compressor

This old broadcast compressor was used in many 60’s AM stations.
It is a good squasher, and also famous for it’s sound on
many old records.