Greg Sage Straight Ahead LP
Greg Sage “Straight Ahead” (CDR)
Greg Sage “Straight Ahead” (CDR) Recorded 1985 Straight Ahead Soul’s Tongue Blue Cowboy Your Empathy The Illusion Fades Seems So Clear On The Run Astro Cloud Lost In Space Let It Go World Without Fear Keep On Keepin’ On
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Greg Sage Sacrifice For Love CD
Greg Sage “Sacrifice For Love” (CDR)
Greg Sage “Sacrifice For Love” (CDR) Recorded 1991 Stay By Me Sacrifice Know By Now Forever The Same Game No Turning Back Ready Or Not For Your Love This Planet Earth Dreams
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Wipers Power In One CD and Vinyl
Wipers “Power In One” (CD)
Wipers “Power In One” (CD) Recorded 1998 The Fall Power In One Shaken Misleading Rocket I’ll Be Around Still Inside Of Me Ship Of Dreams Rest Of My Life Losers Revenge Take It Now Stay Around What’s Wrong? Too Many Strangers
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Wipers Silver Sail CD and Vinyl
Wipers “Silver Sail” (CDR)
Wipers “Silver Sail” (CDR) Recorded 1996 Y I Came Back To The Basics Warning Mars Prisoner Standing There Sign Of The Times Line On A Roll Never Win Silver Sail
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Wipers The Herd CD
Wipers “The Herd” (CDR)
Wipers “The Herd” (CDR) Recorded 1996 Psychic Vampire No Place Safe Last Chance Wind The Clock Slowly The Herd Stormy Green Light Legion Sinking As A Stone Sunrise Defiant Resist Insane
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Wipers Rarities CD and Vinyl
Wipers “Rarities” (CDR)
Wipers “Rarities” (CDR) This German bootleg has been around for years on vinyl and seen under many different titles. Some songs were recorded off a live radio show broadcast in Germany & Radio Holland, and also features some live shows broadcasted from both Holland and Germany. There are some acoustic versions of songs recorded live for [Radio Holland]. Better Off Dead Up In Flames Does It Hurt Same Old Thing My Vengeance The Story Nothing To Prove No Solution What Became Of Us Straight Ahead [live] Land Of The Lost [live] Goodbye Again [live Acoustic] Time Marches On [live Acoustic] Blue & Red [live Acoustic] Chill Remains [live] Seems So Clear [live] Time Marches On [live] Goodbye Again [live] Good Thing [live]
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Wipers Live at the I-Beam CD
Wipers “Live at the I-Beam” (CDR)
Wipers “Live at the I-Beam” (CDR) Recorded in San Francisco 1987 A good show recorded from the house sound board. 17 songs on one full 60 minute CD in jewel case. Astro Cloud Follow Blind Someplace Else Any Time You Find The Chill Remains Nothing Left To Lose Different Ways The Search Let It Slide Over The Edge Your Empathy Just A Dream Away Way Of Love Losers Town Romeo Let Me Know Land Of The Lost
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14 Songs For the Wipers CD
14 Songs For the Wipers (CDR)
14 Songs For Greg Sage & Wipers (CDR) Out of print Wipers tribute Potential Suicide-Nalpalm Beach Astro Cloud – M99 Return Of The Rat – Nirvana Up Front – Poison Idea On The Run – Dharma Bums I Don’t Know What I Am / Mystery – Crackerbash Over The Edge – Hole Land Of The Lost – The Whirlees Telepathic Love – Nation Of Ulysses No One Wants An Alien – Honey Tragedy – Hazel Alien Boy – Calamity Jane Soul’s Tongue – Saliva Tree Pushing The Extreme – Thurston Moore/Keith Nealy
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Wipers Live In Nurnberg CD
Wipers “Live In Nurnberg” (CDR)
Wipers “Live In Nurnberg” (CDR) [2 disc set] This is reproduction of a German double 12" bootleg from the “Land Of The Lost” tour 87. We found a clean copy and re-mastered it, cleaned it up and beefed up the sound. It was recorded at the sound board in Nurnberg Germany. Comes in a full size “dual” jewel case. Follow Blind Straight Ahead Any Time You Find Mystery Is This Real? Different Ways Nothing Left To Lose The Chill Remains Over The Edge Your Empathy The Search Pushing The Extreme Way Of Love When It’s Over Romeo Next Time Land Of The Lost
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Wipers Berlin Live CD
Wipers “Berlin Live” (CDR)
Wipers Berlin Live (CDR) Recorded live in Berlin at the Loft in 1987. Mystery Is This Real? Different Ways Nothing Left To Lose Over The Edge Your Empathy Against The Wall Way Of Love When It’s Over Youth Of America Romeo Land Of The Lost
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Wipers Live CD and Vinyl
Wipers Live (CDR)
Wipers Live (CDR) Recorded in 1984 Pushing The Extreme Messenger Moon Rider Doom Town Think About It Potential Suicide D-7 Now Is The Time Tell Me Window Shop For Love Youth Of America
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History of Portland Punk CD
History of Portland Punk (CDR)
History of Portland Punk (CDR) Recorded 10-29-1979 A live show with many of Portlands punk bands Lotek Wipers Smegma Rubbers Neoboys Cleavers Stiphnoyds Bop Zombies Sado-Nation Napalm Beach
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