Wipers live in Amsterdam (DVD)
Wipers “live in Amsterdam” (DVD)
Wipers live in Amsterdam (DVD-R) Recorded in 1992 at the Melkweg Amsterdam 17 songs - 1 hour 12 minutes This is the only full length concert video of the Wipers we know of. It was recorded from the light booth balcony at the Melkweg "Amsterdam". The quality is fair to good. This DVD-R is NTSC video Format. Follow Blind Someplace Else Any Time You Find The Chill Remains Stay By Me Sacrifice For Love The Same Game No Turning Back Forever Nothing Left To Lose The Illusion Fades What Is Doom Town So Young Pushing The Extreme Dreams D7
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Beauregarde "Testify" DVD
Beauregarde “Testify” (DVD-CD)
Beauregarde "Testify" [DVD & CD Disc set] Pro Wrestler Extraordinaire! 1st wrestler to release a full length rock album. This 2 disc set contains Beauregarde's re-mastered album "Testify" on CD (from the original master tapes). This album has a real bluesy feel and tone. Featuring pre-Wipers Greg Sage on Guitar - Dave Koupal on Bass released in 1971. Also a DVD of his music video "Testify" Complete Video / Photo History Video Photo Album NTSC VIDEO
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