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(Beauregarde “Born Larry Pitchford” in 1936)

While attending the Univ of Hawaii in
1963 and involved with amateur wrestling,
Beauregarde got his start in Pro wrestling
somewhat by chance.

Beau would train at Dean Higuchi’s gym,
which was frequented by most of Hawaii’s
pro wrestling stars working the islands.

At the gym, Hawaiian promoter and
wrestler Neff Maiava was looking to put
together a group to tour the Philippines
and start a new wrestling league promotion
with star wrestlers Nick Bockwinkel,
himself and Mr. Fuji.


Beauregarde’s first pro match with Nick Bockwinkle
in the Philippines 1963

Promoter Neff Maiava was looking to
break in a few new wrestlers to go with this
new tour group, and asked Beau if he
would be interested to train with Fuji and work pro.


Mr. Fuji and Beauregarde were tag team partners
in the Philippines 1963

Beauregarde spent a year learning his trade
in the Philippines under the name
“Eric the Golden Boy”.


Pre Beauregarde as “Eric the Golden Boy”

In 1964 after a year of wrestling in the
Philippines he returned to work in Hawaii.

In 1965 promoter Ed Francis hooked him
up with Killer Kowalski and Red Bastine
and sent them off to tour Australia for a
In 1966, back in Honolulu he hooked up
with Ripper Collins and Johnnie Marand
who were then the NWA tag team


Handsome Johnnie Marand – Beauregarde – Ripper Collins

It was Ripper Collins who helped
transform “Eric the Golden Boy” into
the bad ass “Beauregarde”.

Collins and Marand were fierce heels and
needed their new partner to be anything but

Ripper Collins said you need a name that
no one could forget.

Ripper said, call yourself “Beauregarde”
It sounds conceited and arrogant.
The name stuck, and a heel was born.


During 1966 Beau realized his character had more latitude to grow playing a heel
than playing the nice guy “Eric the Golden Boy”.

Being the “Golden Boy” would bring
cheers from adoring fans, but leave no
opportunity to experiment with new ideas in theater.


Beauregarde sanitizes the ring before a match

The idea of being just another “pretty boy”
just for the fans appreciation
felt dull, boring and creatively restraining to him.

Being an outlaw in the ring was still open
territory with plenty of room to explore.
Beauregarde would soon take the character
of the heel to a whole new level.


Beauregarde does a victory dance


Beau’s costumes and ring entrances
were always something to see

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